The Adventures Guild.

Riding the elevator was a posh affair. Probably one of the elevators from one of the original ships.


adventuresguild2Talking to the head of the adventures guild in Limsa was a very interesting affair. Baderon looked in several books and declared that I was going to be a unlicensed adventure. Being smooth, I convinced him over a couple of glasses of wine that I was a licensed adventure. Thank the gods for all the stories that the Peddler had told me. I just didn’t have my papers. by the time I was done he had new papers filled out for me and everything.



My first stop is the head of the Marauder’s in Limsa. Towering over me all in armor he looked me up and down. He started to dismiss me when he saw the axe. Turns out the Solider did me well by giving me the axe he did. Turns out it was a Trainers Axe. Once I recounted the story, the boss was at least giving me a slim grin.



After a few weeks of training the boss called me into his office. My first Job was to go help out some local Farmers deal with Giant Crabs.


Looks like Ill be having seafood or seafood will be having me…

You have to start a career from the bottom.

As we coast in I get a good look at Limsa Lominsa. The city looks like a hodge-podge of weathered rock and wood from ships nailed together.


Probably a long time ago a lot of ships were stripped to build this. Near the middle of the town I can the remains of a giant ship stuck into the rock of the mountain. This must be where the leader, called the Admiral. The Peddler didn’t even know her name..


Once on dry land I wave the peddler good buy and start to walk toward the central “castle”. A big guy in a yellow jacket, (Later I learned they were called yellow jacket’s) waved me over.


yellowjacketTurns out the adventures have to go visit with the head of the local adventures guild. The Yellow Jacket politely points me toward a elevator upstairs…


Job? Isn’t that for the peasants?

This morning one of the soldiers plunked down in front of me at BreakFast to talk about being a adventure. My peddler friend seems to have a big mouth. The soldiers talks about having jobs as a adventure and how the Grand Companies always need ground ponders. Makes me dizzy. This adventure thing is way more complicated than I thought. Now I have to pick a job to start with. The solider talks about being a Marauder, swinging his axe day after day until he decides to put roots down, marry his healer, and get a house. Apparently there is also a arcanist and something else.

“Swinging the Axe seems the easiest…”


myaxeOnce I said this the Solider beamed and later that day handed me a Axe, he said it was a gift to get me started. Grumbling the last three days Ive practicing under his eye cutting old timbers.


Once he was happy with it we did some duels, which as you can imagine is just as scary in your head as it was with axe’s.



Peddling with the peddler

Sitting on the ship has been quite a bore. The second day out

the Peddler found me out.


Everyday he has seeked  me out and talks about this city and that city.                                Most of the cities I have never heard of. A few I had visited as well. Next we zooms in on what my future is. I think he’s thinking I could come work as a peddler with him.

I finally mentioned by pure accident that I was going to be a adventurer. From that point on he introduced me to the other passengers as the famous adventurer..



A ending and a new start.

After speaking out about the local dictator, being capture in the middle of the night and meonshipthrown in the stockades for a short stint, being put on a ship is not so bad. Being the son of a noble can be helpful in some situations. No money to my name and really no name I can use, I guess ill pick a new one and see where this goes.




Good bye Port Zert, Good bye Meracydia.