You have to start a career from the bottom.

As we coast in I get a good look at Limsa Lominsa. The city looks like a hodge-podge of weathered rock and wood from ships nailed together.


Probably a long time ago a lot of ships were stripped to build this. Near the middle of the town I can the remains of a giant ship stuck into the rock of the mountain. This must be where the leader, called the Admiral. The Peddler didn’t even know her name..


Once on dry land I wave the peddler good buy and start to walk toward the central “castle”. A big guy in a yellow jacket, (Later I learned they were called yellow jacket’s) waved me over.


yellowjacketTurns out the adventures have to go visit with the head of the local adventures guild. The Yellow Jacket politely points me toward a elevator upstairs…


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