Job? Isn’t that for the peasants?

This morning one of the soldiers plunked down in front of me at BreakFast to talk about being a adventure. My peddler friend seems to have a big mouth. The soldiers talks about having jobs as a adventure and how the Grand Companies always need ground ponders. Makes me dizzy. This adventure thing is way more complicated than I thought. Now I have to pick a job to start with. The solider talks about being a Marauder, swinging his axe day after day until he decides to put roots down, marry his healer, and get a house. Apparently there is also a arcanist and something else.

“Swinging the Axe seems the easiest…”


myaxeOnce I said this the Solider beamed and later that day handed me a Axe, he said it was a gift to get me started. Grumbling the last three days Ive practicing under his eye cutting old timbers.


Once he was happy with it we did some duels, which as you can imagine is just as scary in your head as it was with axe’s.



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